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our group picture(February 27, 2015)

We've finished our 2015 season! The 2005 through 2015 season photos are all uploaded.

Thanks to Steve Vonick for additional photos and to Mark Stanczak, Manager of Photographic Services, Quinnipiac University for some 2014 pics.

If you have any photos that you would like to have put up on the site, mail them to Steve or send them to the webmaster of this site.

Here is a link to the gallery, http://www.skiersunlimited.com/index.php , or click on the group picture above.

We were written up in the CCMC Employee Newsletter, Small Talk in 1995. It's a large .pdf (5.4MB) at http://www.skiersunlimited.com/10feb05.pdf. See There's No Business Like Snow Business about half way down the first page.

Steve and Jeff or "Mr. Balcanoff" and "Mr. Gilarde" (as the prestigious New York Time prefers to call them) were quoted in that newspaper in 1997. An online copy has become available here

Joel and Jeff were written up in Wesleyan Connection, Wesleyan Connection at http://www.skiersunlimited.com/Gilarde, LaBella Help Children with Physical Disabilities Hit the Slopes.html.

We made the NBC 30 Evening News on 1/29/2010, which is available on their website here.

And a year or two back, also available on their website here.

One from the Bristol Press can be found here, along with another short article here. Sorry, photos not available with the articles.

Mount Southington Here is an older Sports Illustrated article on our friend and mentor Hal O'Leary. Click here for it. And finally, Hal is modest, but I found this.

We're sponsored by...

Mount Southington -

Mount Southington Here is a link to our very generous friends at Mt. Southington, http://www.mountsouthington.com/

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Alpine Haus CT Alpine Haus http://store.alpinehausct.com/

Newington Ski Club -

Newington Ski Club The Newington Ski Club http://www.newingtonskiclub.org/

Our gallery...

If you're skiing with us and you have images you'd like to contribute, see Steve, Dennis or Tom on Friday... Or email me pictures from your digital camera. 

If you are interested in volunteering...
If you are available on Friday afternoons in January and February, we would appreciate your help.

You don't have to ski well (we're on the bunny slope). Dependability, enthusiasm and rapport with the kids count for more. And there are lots of other volunteers around for support and guidance.

We meet at 12:30-12:45, and officially ski from 1:00 to 3:00. Unofficially, we ski from when the kids are ready until they're "pooped" (usually 2:00 to 2:30).

If you are interested, email us at this website, mailto:webmaster@skiersunlimited.com; or call Steve at Connecticut Children's Medical Center, (860) 545-9266

Comments, suggestions? email us at mailto:webmaster@skiersunlimited.com

Connecticut Children's Medical Center Hospital for Special Care

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